China manufacturer Worm Reducer For Pipe Welding Machine with Hot selling

Type B1 B2 B3 B4 S1 S2 F1 F2.F3 SH1.SH2
Ratio 29 34.3 24.5 56.35 24.5 24.5 24.5 24.5 36

Worm Reducer for Pipe Welding Machine

Worm reducer for pipe welding machine is the gear reducer specially designed for pipe Welding machinery.These rationally designed worm reducers are made of high quality raw Materials.They are characterized by compact structure.large transmission ratio,stable Running,slight vibrating,and low running noise,etc.

Series 1

Reducers for Pipes of ¢50, ¢70, ¢89, ¢114, ¢165, ¢219.


This series worm reducer adopts planetary and worm gear system combined transmission Structure.These worm reducers have the characteristics of high carrying capacity,compact Structure,large transmission ratio,and long service life,etc.

Both left and right feeding styles are available and the feeding speed is optional.The Surface of these worm reducers is processed by using resin-coated sand casting,so these Worm reducers are artistic in appearance.

Series 2

Reducers for Pipes of 6",8",10",12".


This series worm reducer adopts gear and worm gear system combined transmissiom structure and welded housing.

Characteristics of this series worm reducer are high carrying capacity,high transmission efficiency,long service life,etc.

Each pipe welding machine requires 11 worm reducers and the often used reducer types are listed in the following table.

Your requirements on transmission ratio and dimensions of reducers can be satisfied.