Screw Air Compressor for Dry Ice Blasting Portable Air Compressor for Dry Ice Blasting Machine

Screw Air Compressor for Dry Ice Blasting Portable Air Compressor for Dry Ice Blasting Machine

Measurement of dry ice
a. Block: cuboids, global common cross-sectional location of 125×105mm, adjustable thickness of fifteen-50mm, a CZPT measurement of 350×350mm is also CZPT.
b. Particle: Φ1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm

This machine has steady perform and tuns reliably. The dry ice blocks are mainly utilized on airline food,chilly chain transportation,and many others.

Dry ice block equipment


Collection Design Motor electrical power
Dry ice dimension
Min  Max
Uncooked components
Transformation charge
Liquid inlet force
Liquid inlet diameter
Exhaust pipe diameter
Gasoline tankage
Overall dimension
one JYDI-B100-01 seven.five 125×105×
≥1.48 40%-forty three.5% ≤2.1 Φ 10 Φ 50 280 143×110×160 1200
2 JYDI-B100-02 2×7.five 125×105×
≥1.48 forty%-forty three.5% ≤2.1 2×Φ ten 2×Φ fifty three hundred 150×140×160 1600
3 JYDI-B500-01 eleven 210×180×
≥1.forty five 40%-43.five% ≤ Φ twenty 2×Φ 50 280 250×110×170 2100
four JYDI-B500-02 2×11 210×180×
one thousand
≥1.forty five 40%-forty three.five% ≤ Φ 20 4×Φ fifty 350 250×140×170 2800

Dry ice pelletizer device


Collection Model Motor electricity
Dry ice measurement
Min  Max (kg/h) Uncooked resources
CO Transformation rate Liquid inlet pressure
Liquid inlet diameter
Exhaust pipe diameter
Gas tankage
Total dimension
1 JYDI-C50-01 three Φ3-Φ16 fifty fifty ≥1.forty eight forty%-forty three.5% ≤ Φ eight Φ fifty a hundred 110×60×120 400
2 JYDI-C100-01 five.five Φ3-Φ19 100 a hundred ≥1.48 forty%-43.five% ≤ Φ 10 Φ 50 one hundred eighty 150×80×140 750
three JYDI-C200-01 11 Φ3-Φ19 180 200 ≥1.fifty forty%-forty three.5% ≤2.1 Φ 20 2×Φ fifty 280 175×110×170 1300
4 JYDI-C300-01 fifteen Φ3-Φ19 270 three hundred ≥1.fifty 40%-forty three.five% ≤ Φ 20 2×Φ 50 280 215×110×170 1700
5 JYDI-C200-02 fifteen Φ3-Φ19 360 four hundred ≥1.50 forty%-forty three.five% ≤2.1 Φ twenty 2×Φ fifty 280 175×135×170 2100
6 JYDI-C300-02 eighteen.five Φ3-Φ19 460 500 ≥1.50 40%-43.5% ≤2.1 Φ 20 4×Φ fifty 350 215×140×170 2200

We could make machine with different solution technical specs and generation for you.

Cleansing with dry ice (Dry ice blasting equipment)

This new growth is quickly expanding close to the planet.One particular method utilizes modest rice dimensions pellets of dry ice capturing them out of a jet nozzle with compressed air .Tt operates some what like sandblasting or large-stress water or steam blasting,with exceptional benefits. The frigid temperature of the dry ice is -78ºC.
Unique features
SUS304 components consutrction seems beautiful and reputable use
Control ice counversion stably by frequency conversion altering pace
Various spray guns relevant for differernt cleaning 
Pneumatic vibrator can make ice supply evenly and smoothly
260mm wheels will increase device steadiness.  

Series Model Motor electricity
Air source stress assortment
Air consumption
Dry ice dimensions
With ice
Hopper capability
Air hose length
Connector screw thread
Ice blater hose duration
Total dimension (cm) Weight
1 JYDI-550-J .fifty five 220 .4-1.2 three Φ1.five-Φ4 .one-2. twenty 9 3/four 6 50×40×100 80
two JYDI-750-W .75 220 .4-1.two four Φ1.5-Φ4 .1-3. 28 nine one six 58×46×110 a hundred and sixty
three JYDI-750-one .75 220 .4-1.2 4 Φ1.5-Φ4 .1-four. 28 9 1 six 58×46×110 a hundred and fifty

Dry ice fog machine  

Outer Dimensions:62×40×67 
Excess weight:22kg 
Water Capability:55L 
And Water:25L-40L 

Dry ice fog equipment is extensively used in displays at theatre, troupe,and marriage ceremony celebration etc.Stainless metal shell and lovely design and style.This unit has anti-dry,vehicle-temperature management and free of charge option on electrical power input function. It has extremely lower nosie,and compact framework with nice appearnce,hassle-free to use and significantly spray. It is model new for stage use.

Dry ice warmth preservation box

Outer Measurement:115cm×75cm×103cm 
Inner Dimension:95cm×55cm×63cm 
Heat loss:four~seven%/24her 

JYDI-250 Dry ice cooler box of imported minimal temperature engineering plastics generation,drastically enhancing the thermal insulation properies,use resistance.Can be saved for much more than 350kg block of dry ice or 250kg particles of dry ice,decide on a mounted corner ft and large rollers.


Screw Air Compressor for Dry Ice Blasting Portable Air Compressor for Dry Ice Blasting Machine